• Weight Loss
    I don’t drink store bought fruit juice since I started my weight loss journey. …
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  • Weight Loss
    A car needs fuel to drive. Human beings need fuel too. Our “fuel” is in …
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  • Fitness
    When I was younger, my sisters, cousins, mom and aunts were obsessed with Jane Fonda …
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  • Our first family hike in Cape Town

          We went for our first family hike in Cape Town on Sunday afternoon. We visited Cape Point Nature Reserve and hiked (actually it was more of a walk for fit people) from Cape Point to The Cape of Good Hope. The views were exquisite. The image above…


    Week 4: The Great Depression

    I really struggled in week 4. I was over the “healthy-eating” and missing the comfort of my old ways. I felt frustrated, less angry but more sad and depressed. The truth is, I wasn’t hungry and I actually felt good inside (my body); but I was holding onto old familiar habits…


    Week 3: Throwing my toys out of the cot

      Week 3 was bad. I was acting up like a little baby wanting what I can’t have. Even though I knew what the ‘bad foods’ were, I still wanted it. I looked at the mushrooms, ryevita, my filled fruit bowl with anger. I dismissed them, scowling; and desperately just wanted…


    Week 2: Too Cool for School

      The first week of eating clean was relatively easy. I did what I was supposed to do and I lost weight. I was happy and focused and it paid off. Then I started week 2 and I was feeling all ‘too cool for school’ walking around like a proud…



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