• Weight Loss
    I don’t drink store bought fruit juice since I started my weight loss journey. …
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  • Weight Loss
    A car needs fuel to drive. Human beings need fuel too. Our “fuel” is in …
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  • Fitness
    When I was younger, my sisters, cousins, mom and aunts were obsessed with Jane Fonda …
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  • WEEK 8: A whole new world

    I have started training again and its feeling great to get back into the swing of things. I have moments of self doubt where I feel like I will not succeed, but thats starting to get less and less as the days go by. The 10kg milestone was a real…


    Week 6: Fixing my mind

    This week I struggled, yet again. I didn’t struggle with food or choice (thankfully), but with my mindset. I noticed that I almost convinced myself I couldn’t do this. I think it was a combination of bargaining myself right out of a healthy lifestyle and me believing I couldn’t actually sustain it;…


    Wellness discovered

        Fifty days ago I started a journey to change my lifestyle to eat better, lose weight and get fit. I thought I knew what wellness was. I thought it’s knowing how to relax, finding the time to feel good, feel calm and rejuvenated, sleeping well, being at peace.…


    Week 5: Patience is a weight loss virtue

      As I slowly adapt to my new lifestyle I find myself restless and impatient. I want to lose weight fast. I have been eating well and I have been exercising regularly and I want to see results. Faster. For three weeks in a row now I have lost less…



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