• Weight Loss
    I don’t drink store bought fruit juice since I started my weight loss journey. …
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  • Weight Loss
    A car needs fuel to drive. Human beings need fuel too. Our “fuel” is in …
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  • Fitness
    When I was younger, my sisters, cousins, mom and aunts were obsessed with Jane Fonda …
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  • Listening is the new reading

    I am really impressed with adults who (still) read. I remember days in my youth (not too long ago) when I was a bookworm and would relax all day reading book after book without a care in the world. But now, for more than a decade (!) I don’t have…


    Sleep and weightloss

    Over the past 4 months I have noticed that every single time I have a bad night’s sleep,  I struggle with my eating choices the next day; or I feel like snacking all day or I just don’t  feel full and I keep thinking of what else I want (need).…



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